The Ralston surname

Ralston is a place in Renfrewshire (Lanarkshire until 1404), on the eastern outskirts of Paisley. There is a location of the same name near Loudon in Ayrshire (see 'Legend' below), which may cause confusion in interpreting some of the medieval records. In both cases there is a strong connection with the Stewart family. The name … Continue reading The Ralston surname


Ralston in Ayrshire (I)

Gavin Ralston, a stockingmaker from Paisley, moved down to the parish of Dreghorn about 1755. Gavin, the second son of William Ralston in Seedhills, Paisley, was born in 1731. He learnt his trade in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, where his mother Jean, also a Ralston, had come from, and where his¬†maternal¬†grandfather, Robert Ralston, was a merchant. Gavin … Continue reading Ralston in Ayrshire (I)

A factor in the family

For almost two hundred and fifty years Ralstons have served as factors for properties from Aberdeenshire down into England. What is a factor? The Hyperdictionary gives this Websters Dictionary definition: A steward or bailiff of an estate. [Scot.] Steward - n. A man employed in a large family, or on a large estate, to manage … Continue reading A factor in the family

Ralston in Renfrewshire

Although the name Ralston developed as a placename just to the east of Paisley in Renfrewshire during the late 13th century, there is no evidence of family succession until about two hundred years later. Check the Wikipedia entry for Ralston. The known line is described in sources such as Burke's landed gentry, The Scottish nation … Continue reading Ralston in Renfrewshire